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Corporate Impact

Corporate Impact Projects

We develop impact economy programs & lift projects off the ground into the world

With global collective synergies and powerful collaboration, we co-created together with the Mexican Cluster Médico Jalisco, SIEMENS Healthineers, the Jalisco Government & selected innovators a multi-stakeholder program to fight the root cause of preventable deaths.

Mobile health caravans equipped with state of the art digital health technologies travel through the country and accelerate health promotion, detection, monitoring and prevention. This way care delivery in remote areas is transformed.

In-Company Services offer and perform Health Check Ups for employees and their families to detect and prevent negative impacts on the economy and overall well-being.


More than 1 in 2 adults are overweight or obese in OECD countries. Mexico as the largest consumer of ultra-processed food and soft drinks in Latin America is at the very top. Rates are projected to increase dramatically.


Co-Creation Program to defeat NCDs in Latin America.

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